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Welcome to Southwest CycleSport.   We are located on Bee Cave Road, 1 mile east of Hwy 71, easily accessible from the "Dam Loop".

We carry a full range of bicycles from bikes for the smallest child to the most experienced, elite racers.  We offer all services from simple tune-ups to pro- bike builds.  You will find all your clothing and accessories at our store.  After all, we have been cycling for over 20 years and we know what you need!

Our goal is to put happy cyclists on the road, whether they be children, racing, or recreational.  We are adamant about bike fit and comfort, and we work within your budget to help you accomplish your cycling goals.

About our brands:


Jamis has been around for 25 years making a strong line of dual suspension and hard tail mountain bikes, hybrids, road bikes and childrens bikes.  Jamis consistently wins awards every year with at least one of their models.  Some of their award winning bikes are:  the Satellite, Comet, Dragon, Quest, Dakar XLT, XLT 1.0, XLT 2.0.  Check out the reviews at the Jamis website.  Whether you need a first bike for your four year old or a bike for a Double Black Diamond trail rider, Jamis has an offering for you.

SCOTT bikes are a new addition to our lines, and we are ecstatic with the quality and service that Scott provides.  Scott  carries a full line of both road and mountain bicycles:  from the $10,000 13 lb CR1 Addict to the $699 Sportster.  If you want a sub-20 lb carbon mountain bike born for performance, Scott is the brand to buy; if you are just "getting your feet wet" (no pun intended) and want an inexpensive mountain bike that will keep up with the big guys (or girls), check us out.